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I finally got myself a Wizard glitter (yay!) in red liquid, and the cap code is not 32WG, but its not just 32. It says 32W, and the glitter is not in little silver squares, it is little silver hexagons. It is definitely USA, but looking through the lava library it says the wizards have little squares, and the cap code should just be 32. Also, the glitter likes to get stuck to the bottom after a little while of it being on, and so there is only half of the glitter swirling around inside. The liquid looks like it is lower than usual. Help?

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My OCD just kicked in, thanks Deb.....LOL   I'll now get a flashlight and magnifying glass and look at mine again..... I have a very sick canine baby here that already has respiratory problems, so am worried about him and those fumes.  But I really can't smell any fumes coming from my Wizards.   Not gonna get too close though......  :-)

OCD again.........Thanks, Mike!  LOL   Which are oldest, the hex or the "regular" Wizard glitters?  I can't see some of the dates on mine. 

You mean the caps were the "soda" type metal caps, but had that red rubber or plastic plug under them?  

LOL, sorry, Mike.  Mine all look like what I described, except that dratted China Teal that is so dark you can't see it.  I haven't ever seen a Wizard capped any other way. 

Haha ok well now i feel much better about my Wizard! I am going to try putting a 25 watt bulb in it, cause with the 40 watt  it flows great for about 2 hours and then the glitter starts dropping out and eventually the glitter is flowing on the bottom but it doesnt go up any higher than half of the lamp. Its weird. Perhaps it is overheating.

Another thing, when it is completely cool, the glitter settles on the bottom, sides, and floats on top. Is this normal? My other glitter lamps (off brand) either settle completely on the top or completely on the bottom, never both, and never on the sides of the lamp.

Oh and if anyone has a purple wizard they dont want... cough cough..... or even just a purple glitter usa bottle........

Don't worry, Ian, the glitter in some of my Wizards stays "suspended" in the liquid too, and not stuck to the sides, but it looks like it is.   Some of them do that, and some don't.   I have no idea why?   But they run great, so I'm not fussing.   LOL, I've got a Purple Wizard, but it's the only one I have.   Watch Ebay really close, they are pretty easy to find at a great Buy It Now price every now and then!    Look at all glitter lamps, sometimes they are on the wrong base.  Ask the seller the cap number.

LOL, so is "THE CRITTER."   I like flying "nap of the earth" in stealth mode......Snort!!!   :-)

I didn't even look at the main page!   LOL, don't tell all our "secrets."   :-)

I have a leaking wizard after noticing a weird fume.  Found this thread and it’s making me paranoid now.  I won’t be running wizard in my toddler’s bedroom anymore.  

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