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Ive recently found an old century lamp with what seems to be a vinyl wood-grain pattern on the base. I cant seem to find any info on this style of base, does anyone know anything? What year is it from? Any info would be nice thanks. (didnt see anything in the Lava Library, is that still being updated) 

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Never heard/seen this ever. I'm willing to bet someone took some leftover wallpaper/table covering and put it on there. The only person I know here who would know if its legit or not would be probably Jonas.

My guess would be wood grain contact paper, but that is a guess

Image result for wood grain contact paper

That's the way I'm leaning but if it was done by someone it was done very very well.

Very interesting. I have a question for you. Is the base a two piece base as shown in this picture (the upper cone is attached to the lower cone by a screw)?

Wow, love that two-piecer
Yes it is a two part base.

It's hard to say if it's a custom or a factory finish without a closer examination. Is the finish painted on? A vinyl sticker finish would overheat. Plus, it would be very difficult to install a sticker and poke all the holes accurately if the holes were drilled in the metal base, unless the sticker was applied at the factory before the holes were drilled. I would think that the finish around the starlight holes and exterior edges of the base would be clean if it was done at the factory (not so clean if installed by a previous owner). If you examine them with a magnifying glass, you should be able to tell.

I'm not ready to pass judgement on this lamp yet. Experience has taught me that one-off factory lamps pop up once in awhile. This might be one.

The holes look clean, I dont think its vinyl but it is NOT painted on. Its possible its not factory but if its not it was done well enough to fool me. I started to look for info on it but couldn't find any thats when I started to think maybe it was custom. I just dont know. 

Chances are, it's an image transfer. The fact that the base is two piece means (in my mind) that it could have been done at the factory, or by a previous owner (image transfers can be done at home by a competent amateur). If the base was one piece, it would almost certainly have been done at the factory, before the upper and lower cones were joined together (again, that's just my opinion). I'm looking forward to more input from other members.

I've never seen anything like this, but I'm completely in love with it!

After looking at the woodgrain pattern on my Windsor Consort, I'm starting to think that this Century is likely a factory finish. Same basic pattern on both lamps. Perhaps it was a prototype, or one of a very small run.

Remember, it was only a few years ago that the first "pineapple" based Consort candle powered lamp was seen. Also, keep in mind that a rotary dimmer switch based Century has yet to surface. 

A number of years ago a Crestworth Astro lamp in a white wrought iron base popped up on E-bay, and was dismissed as a homemade lamp. A few years later, a photo turned up from a Crestworth display at an early trade show and, lo and behold, there was a wrought iron based Astro lamp in the picture.

I'm sure there are models out there that have yet to surface.

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