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  Here's what I wrote,

Dear Mr President,
   This email is to ask you about the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs. There are Companies who's products rely on incandescent bulbs especially lava lamps. The end of the light bulb will mark the end of many products and the people's jobs who make these products and the sellers of these products. As a hobbiest of collecting lava lamps I am seeing the end of a great product. Can you help see that Lava Lite will go out of business without the incandescent light bulb. So not only are we phasing out these bulbs but also we are phasing out an era of an American Icon that extends world wide. thusands of jobs will be lost. How can we stop this from happening? Can there be exceptions made for companies like lava Lite, No Boudaries motion lamps and there followers? Please help us save these hard working folks like you and I from further hardship.
  Matt Mona

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Back in '08, US citizens were paying $4.25+ for a gallon of gas and $6+ for diesel, and our Government was more worried about steriods in baseball. So, to ask our President to save some light bulbs, I don't think it will happen. Believe me, I totally agree with everything you posted, but I just don't think they care. 

Yeah, I gotta echo what Matt says about bulbs not being too high on the federal priority list.

I'm sittting at my desk and behind me is an unlit Humongo Collossus. Its been dark since MARCH, when my last br30 200 watt bulb burned out.

My happiest day as a lava collector was the July day I bought that Collossus at a GREAT price with extra bulbs and everything. I loved the look on peoples faces when they saw it flowing. Shock and awe baby !!

And now, only despair ....

(unless somebody reading this has extra bulbs they wanna sell).

Hey Charles, I did a few quick searches for BR30 200W bulbs, to no avail, but I did find some BR40 200W. I believe the difference between the BR30 and BR40 is the diameter of the bulb. I think the BR40 is going to be a little bigger in diameter, but it might just work. I would buy one just to see. It might be worth it.  Here's the website, and hurry if you want it cause the website says they are being discontinued, so get them while they last.  http://www.lightbulbmarket.com/product/281146_200-Watt-BR40-Philips...   P.S. I just found out that a BR30 is 3.75 inches in diameter and a BR40 is 5 inches in diameter. Hope this helps.

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