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If you're not using list-alert.com for your Craigslist lava hunting, you should start!  I've found quite a few lamps this way without the hassle of searching a dozen or so lava search terms on multiple craigslist regions on a daily basis.  You just create alerts for your search words/terms of what you're looking for in the regions you live in or hunt lava in, and it emails you when items come up for sale.  It's free and no, I don't have any connection to the site.  Just this morning I got three lamps for $15, including this pristine glitter lamp.  It would cost that much for the shipping alone on ebay!  This is my first glitter lamp and I love it.  MUST. HAVE. MOAR!

Hint:  I included terms like lava lamp, lava lite, lava lamps (important when someone is selling multiples) and lava grande, etc.  Include any variation of lava you can think of.  I have about 40 alerts spread around the closest 4 regions.  As you probably have seen, lava lamps are often a steal on craigslist compared to ebay, and they are often right under our noses. 

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And that Lava phone in the background is also a list-alert find! 


Thanks for the tip. Thing I like about the glitter lamps is they fire up a lot faster than a lava lamp. Silver glitter is my favorite. Nice find by the way, and the Lava phone is awesome.

Yeah, I don't think I've ever even seen a glitter lamp up close other than pictures until I bought this one & a knock-off brand that came with it. I like them both, and yes, it's nice that they fire right up.

Whats crazy is I paid more for the bulb then I did for my glitter lamp. I run a 25w instead of the recommended r14 40w. Works like a charm. The blue silver combo is awesome!

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