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Yet another "China lamps suck" thread... 52 oz red/clear burnt-on wax on bottom sides

Well I have never abused it, I run it with only a 40 watt bulb and no more than 8 hours at a time but the wax/solution is so crappy that it now has red pieces stuck at the bottom, like as if I was frying it which I wasn't...    i did have it on a non frosted bulb on a century base,, too much heat and these china lavas fryyy baby fry!! waaah
I'm running it now on a Century base with a frosted bulb, maybe in time it will goo and melt back together. I am so not opening it and brushing it off the glass, ha its a 20 buck lamp... overall its clear and flows good so its not that bad just annoying

I'm pretty much done complaining about China lamps, I am the fool who keeps buying them grwwl I want the orange/black and clear/pink spencers then I think I'm gonna only buy Mathmos

anyways anyone want to comment feel free

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Don't worry. I still have the urge to buy china now and then, I have no idea why, just when they are cheap and I think "maybe this one will be better..."

I am lucky I am in the UK. I just sometimes cannot afford even a second hand Mathmos, and so grab a cheap alternative.

I ran 5 lamps last night, 3 Mathmos and 2 of my lava world lamps, by the time my Astro had reached a suitable temperature, my 8oz LW had over heat and my 20oz LW had came off its coil.

Maybe we just like complaining...? LOL.
The only reason I have EIGHT 20oz LWs is because they were really cheap at Menards here in the states. During the holiday season they sell them for under 8 bucks each so I grabbed up all the colors. My blue/clear flows the best and it is clear so that made me happy, as for the other 7 they all have issues with the coil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm never buying another 20oz LW!!! I can't believe on the lava world site and ebay they are selling the 20ozers for like 25 bucks, craaazzzyyy
I am going to invest in a capper and start tinkering I think. :)
I know the feeling! I am scared but I'm at the point where I want to start playing mad scientist!
I know the old switch-a-roo trick quite well! heheheeee
I have just been on the Lava World site, I have noticed they have removed all the reviews...hmm...

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