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I was fortunate to find a Crestworth Galaxy in shape on eBay last month, but the seller packaged it improperly and broke the globe and the spray.  He did not remove the spray for shipping and just place it in the box with the dome over the top.  During shipping the heavy motor bounced against the dome and eventually cracked it and crushed the spray.

Now the seller is resisting my claims that it was packed improperly. He freely admits that he did not remove the spray for shipping and insists that they shipped from the factory that way.  He also insists that I prove the sprays were removed for the original packaging.  I have gotten Fantasias with original packaging, but not a Crestworth.

Does anybody have experience with Crestworth packaging and experience in shipping glass fiber lamps?  Please respond with opinion I reference.  This guy is BSing me to avoid being responsible for the broken lamp.



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I'm so sorry to hear this. :(  I don't have an answer for you, but I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. 

I am sorry for you and that your having to deal with this

I don't have and packaging or know exactly how they were shipped but I assume that they were in parts packaged separately not just the whole item as it will result in what you have got.

Maybe try seeing if there are any simerler fibers in production now and look into how they are packaged - they will most certainly be in separate parts

As its a Crestsworth item and vintage I doubt Mathmos would be able to help you on this one but its worth a shot just in case they may know something.

Thanks Erin and Tim for the sympathy.  It's not just spending hundreds on a lamp for me, it's the work of art a classic, good condition lamp represents.  Some dealers are just into the money and a bad experience often can turn a person off to a rewarding hobby.

I'm unaware of ANY company currently producing a glass fiber lamp.  They all seem to be plastic now. Perhaps there was a consumer products issue with the glass fibers as they do break off over time.  I've had a few nasty glass splinters and can't imagine if they somehow got into food.

At the most I might get a refund from his shipping company (if he files the claim right) but this unethical eBay seller wants me to ship the lamp back and pay shipping both ways (around $160). So he wins out if he can repair the lamp or sell it for parts.

I guess stuff like this just goes with the territory, someday I'll recount the story of the 7 month saga of getting my Humongo.

Hi from across the pond, with a long-delayed answer (we're a bit slow over here, some of us)

The Galaxy did have its fibre-optics separate for despatch, it came with a cute little spring gismo that worked the spray up into the sealed dome, but mostly these springs have got lost over time.

I've bought several, and only the one with the original spring (and box) had its spray removed for transit.

The others all got here OK despite that, but other issues need watching out for....



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