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Any of you try these out?  I am super intrigued, especially by option B as it looks like it would create an awesome effect.


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I'd be interested in a set of replacements. I just got my first Sunburst 4000 and the wheel is in good shape, but I'm wondering how long it will last. 

jmpenny32 said:

Great question. I will be making a separate post about selling these again but will be limiting the sales to just this group for now until I figure out another platform to sell them on. Unfortunately I had to pull the listing from eBay due to terrible business practices and policy changes that they have implemented on their part. But yes I still have these color wheels available for sale for the following models, Cosmos 5000 Sunburst 4000 solar one and regency. I also still do the refurbishment process to older black model Sunburst 4000 lamps. I will be accepting payment only through PayPal and the process will be pretty much the same as it was when the listing was active on eBay. You will select the pattern you want from the photos that I will share and then pay which will include your shipping to you. If you are opting to have one of your color wheels refurbished from an older model black Sunburst 4000, you would then pay for the shipping to me you would have to remove the wheel from your lamp and package it safely in a small box I will perform the refurbishment to the wheel apply the new graphics you selected and I pay to return ship the wheel to you. If anyone has any questions before I have an opportunity to get this separate thread put up in the group don't hesitate to ask any questions in this thread thanks again and I appreciate your patience while I get all of this sorted out. 



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