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Update posted for Voxul in case he didn't get it.

Time to get excited: Fluux Design Lab is getting ready to send out rewards for backing Fluux LiquiMetal - A Color Shifting Ferrofluid Suspension.

Here’s the address you had in your survey response:

If this is the correct address, you're all set.

If this is NOT the correct address, you can fix it right here. Just be sure to make any changes in the next 48 hours!

Amount pledged
$75.00 USD

EARLY BACKER SPECIAL* - One ferro fluid display with -TWO- neodymium magnet wands. - (FREE US SHIPPING)

Estimated delivery
Jul 2014

Shipping to
United States

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Thank you for the update Jim!

They started shipping today.

Critter or Voxul - did either of you receive yours yet?  I emailed Krunal and he indicated that mine is (finally) shipping tonight.  I am ready to be royally pissed, especially if you already received yours Voxul.  FIFO, Krunal.... FIFO!!!

I have not seen mine yet.
Jim. Mine arrived today. It is smaller than anticipated but quite cool. Came with the multiple magnets as promised, in black too. No other bonusy features that had been suggested though. Get yours?




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