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Boiler or Geyser lamps (Chinese, not the French ones)

Model name:   Geyser lamp

Model number: LP-G1610A

Made by:   Lipan Industrial Company (not sure though)

Years made:   2001 - 2005

Rarity (scale of 1-10, 10 being hyper-rare):  8

Price (at time of sale):   $15

Bulb used:   x


Color combos available (lava / liquid):

  • Clear liquid/silver glitter/red, blue, green or purple fluid in the spiral


Per JonasThis is a "geyser lamp", made in Taiwan, sold in US and UK, and less common actually than the average old French boiler. Why? They broke in shipment - to stores, to buyers, etc. And most I've seen in collections got broken, too. They came in two sizes, small and large; small with black or dark translucent blue plastic bases, large (shown here) with metal. Both sizes then came in three shapes: cone (shown here), hourglass, and football.


Per tweavsThe boiler in the middle was sold as a 'Geyser' lamp at Spencer Gifts back in 2001-2003.

Per Erin/Mike: These were also sold at Kohl's and Walgreen's around 2005. Serial # 78106721.


Photos of geyser lamps herepictures of boiler lamps here

Discussions of geyser/boiler lamps


Picture courtesy of Wizard of Ooze.

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