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Model name: Consort

Model number: 2200

Made by: Lava Simplex

Years made: 1966/67 - 1975

Rarity (scale of 1-10, 10 being hyper-rare): 5

Price (at time of sale): $16.95

Bulb used: 15-watt intermediate


Color combos available (liquid / wax):

  • Blue / Green
  • Champagne Mist
  • Yellow / Orange
  • Yellow / Red
  • Clear / Red


This was a Princess bottle, cap and cup, set on a short metal stem with a circular gold-tone disk at the base, attached to a 5" square, American Walnut pedestal with very gently sloped upper surfaces. The metal was satin gold. A few late examples of this model used a curved, hourglass-shaped stem minus the disk.

Consorts are notorious for being hard to find in good condition. Usually these lamps no longer flow due to age. Refilling a consort can be difficult because the original consort fluid used a different formula than most other lava lamps. The liquid inside the consort has a density close to water which means under no circumstances should one try to top off one with fluid from another lamp. Filtering cloudy fluid can often lead to the wax filling up with liquid bubbles. It is suggested if a consort is found in bad condition to run the lamp, and hope it fixes itself. Otherwise, a complete refill will be needed. To refill a consort, USA formula can be used, but 25 watt light bulbs dimmed to 20 watts must be used for optimal flow.


The wood bases were swapped out for plastic bases towards the end of the Consorts life span.

***A detailed write-up of the Consort lava lamps can be found here*** courtesy of Fog Rider. Thank you!  


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Picture courtesy of Lava Lite.

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