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DIY heat shield for Century lamps

You may not need to make a heat shield for your century lamps. Try a R16 40W bulb. If that doesn't work then you may need a heat shield.

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Some of you are tinkerers, some aren't. This post is directed to the brave tinkerers amongst us and the contents that follow are untested and unverified. Proceed at your own risk.

Making a few more heat shields for the Century lamps. This is the only way this lamp will run great with and while using a 40watt a-15 frosted bulb on that plastic lid base insulation.

What I used to make this happen using the extra 52z Aristocrat cap that I have saved over time. I cut of that 1/2" top using dremel disk.

Next I cut down straight 1/8" all the way around and them cut the bottom off right at the flat edge. I then used a needle nose pliers to bend tabs down REMEMBER not to bend tabs down to far they will break off if you try to re-bend them back up LL used cheap metal.

Once done I straightened the tabs with the pliers all the way around for that perfect fit. And away they went to the Century lamps.

Finished product.


Discussion here.


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