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Enchantress Planter

Model name:   Enchantress Planter

Model number: 8200

Made by:   Lava Simplex

Years made:   1968/69 - 1982/84

Rarity (scale of 1-10, 10 being hyper-rare):   4

Price (at time of sale):   $27.50

Bulb used: 40-watt A-type appliance bulb


Color combos available (lava/liquid):

  • #8205 Blue / Blue Mist
  • #8208 Yellow / Orange Mist
  • #8209 Mint / Green Mist
  • #8210 Red / Green Mist


Same as the 8100, with the addition of a metal tray at the narrow point of the base. Unlike the earlier Decorator, this lamp WAS provided with filling for the bowl. 


This consisted of plastic flowers and greenery attached to a plastic ring. These rings with plastic flowers or foliage were popular for many years, and can still be located at thrift stores. When looking for one, just choose whatever suits your taste. This lamp stood 16" tall, the tray was 6 1/2" dia. and used a 40 watt appliance bulb.


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Picture courtesy of Lava Lite.


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