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Made by: Lava Lite

Years made: 2013-2014

Rarity (scale of 1-10, 10 being hyper-rare): 5

Model name: Century

Price (at time of sale): $60

Model number:

5000: Brass base, yellow liquid, red wax

5001: Silver base, blue liquid, white wax

5002: Silver base, clear liquid, purple wax

Model name: Wizard

Price (at time of sale):  

Model number:

6000: Black base, purple liquid, yellow wax

6010: Silver base, blue liquid, yellow wax

6020: Red base, clear liquid, red wax

Model name:  Grande

Price (at time of sale): 

Model number: 

?: Black base, clear liquid, neon green wax

?: Black base, clear liquid, neon pink wax


The Heritage line was a set of models meant to be a throw back to some of Lava Lite's most popular lamps. The project was spearheaded by Dale Zalusky. The Heritage line was meant to be a return to grace by Lava Lite through offering a premium collectors lamp to the collector community. Despite having much higher quality bases and caps, the formula inside the globes were some of the worst produced globes at the time. Collectors were disappointed, but since these models used standard 32, 52, and 250oz globe sizes the bases have become collectible since older USA made globes can be used with them.


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