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Large Pyramid

Model name:   Pyramid

Model number: ?

Made by:   Made in China, re-branded by various companies.

Years made:   2005

Rarity (scale of 1-10, 10 being hyper-rare):   6

Price (at time of sale):   $50

Bulb used:   Varies, 40W-60W, standard or spotlight


Color combos available (base/lava/liquid):

  • Blue/Blue/Blue
  • Yellow/Yellow/Clear
  • Pink/Clear/Pink
  • Silver/Red/Blue
  • Silver/White/Blue


These lamps are hard to find, as they were only sold in a few stores such as Kohls for a short amount of time.

The blue, yellow, and pink bases are transparent. The top cap is connected by 3 steel cables on each corner of the lamp. The lamp
measures 29.5" tall. The globe contains approximately 50 oz of


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