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Kenny (from SouthPark):























Picture from Autumn.

Picture from Jim.

This is the story I got from the previous owner of the Kenny prototype lamp:


"The Kenny has an interesting background. In 1995 I was the GM for ICON Ceramics which was the largest manufacturer of ceramic bong bases in the world. In 1996, we got a contract to produce 10,000 lava lamp bases for world. In 1996, we got a contract to produce 10,000 lava lamp bases for Haggerty enterprises. We retooled our molds to produce our pieces in a way that would accomodate the lava lamps. There were jesters and clowns and a few other pieces. In 1997, Haggerty gave us the contract to produce SouthPark characters. The one you have is a prototype that never went to Haggerty.


Scott Johnson was the artist that sculpted all of ICONS pieces. He is the son of the late Snellen Johnson who was a famous bronze artist here in the southwest. There were only about 6 or 7 of the one that you have that were even poured (with the stitches and bullet holes). I called the guys that I worked with at the time and we think that yours is the only one left. I haven't talked to Scott but if there is another one left he would have it. I've asked the other guys I worked with if they have any more of the bases or the molds and I'm waiting to hear back from them. If I come across any more bases I will let you know. Thanks for the feedback and have a great day."

There are two versions of the Kenny prototype lamp. The type with the stitches and bullet holes can not hold a globe. The other kenny prototype was fitted to handle the same electrical equipment as other icon lamps. Jim was able to take the electrical equipment from an icon lamp and turn his kenny prototype lamp into a finished working lamp.



Not much is known about this lamp.

Bullet thing

Weebo you should fill this out.


No information is known about these lamp bases.


Metallic wax 20 oz. These globes were never released due to the clouding issue.


some old lamp...


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