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Smart Astro

Model name:   Smart Astro

Model number: N/A

Made by:   Mathmos

Years made:   2011 - Present

Rarity (scale of 1-10, 10 being hyper-rare):   1

Price (at time of sale):   £85

Bulb used:  Uses heating element and LEDs


Color combos available:

  • Blue > red 
  • Green > yellow
  • Blue > green


When first released, only 1000 were released and each had a unique ID number. However, there were issues with the items so many were returned. Hence, there aren't many fully-working original Smart Astros.

Due to technical issues with the Smart Astro there was about half a year gap between inital production and full production of the items. They are to be / being released in November 2011.

The Smart Astro is based on the design of the clasic Astro and is the same size but has an on/off /control button on the base as well.

It is believed that the Smart Astro has a very different formula in comparison to the standard Astro.


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Picture courtesy of Mathmos.


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