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Comment by Galaxy_9 on January 23, 2008 at 5:44pm
Yes, originally it was Orange / Yellow. The fluid was Milky and the spring had rusted a bit. But about 10 years back way before e-bay, I had to sacrifice a vintage century to restore this! But it was worth it I guess. As of now, it sits empty (I switched these contents to another bad lamp), this lamp's top neck had a split, and one day I over tightened...most of the neck portion and threads cracked off ;( But I plan to refill it and reseal it. The cap will sit on as decoration and not as function though.
Comment by Jonas Clark-Elliott on January 23, 2008 at 10:29am
Wow! How beautiful is that? Series 2500, Child's Night Lite (1966-67 catalog) or The Nite Lite (1968-69 catalog) So says the 68-69 catalog: "Soft, diffused light to complement the soothing, sleep-provoking "LAVA LITE" action. The thoughtful touch for child's bedroom or nursery." The catalog shows it in this color and the three or four I've seen have been this color, too, even though it came in four: red/clear, green/blue, "champagne mist" (166-67 only) and orange/yellow (1968-69 only) Also, all catalog illustrations show the clown with a clear shirt with the two round dots or buttons, and sleeves that are half black, half clear (sleeve on our left, black on outer half; sleeve on our right, black on inner half) but all examples I've seen are painted like yours.

Many Consort globes using the 1960s formula in red or orange, as well as some 1970s Consort-shape globes, tend to get "Consort syndrome", wherein all the lava has floated to the top, congealed there, and cannot be budged. Yours is a rare model in rare great condition, so hurrah! ...can we get a shot or two of it in action for Astrobaby's lava page?


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