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Left: Orange globe of my squiggle aristocrat. Right: The century I go this weekend. It's a little cloudy, but I'm confused as to what color it is.

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Comment by Adam on October 17, 2020 at 12:35pm

Thank you, Jonas, for your comment.  The thought had occurred to me that this might be that rare color scheme, but I had my doubts and wanted to check with someone with more knowledge of this.  It seems to be mismatched with a 1970s Century base (brown cord, starlight pinholes occur in with a gap between every second row of holes).  However, it flows very nicely, is fun to watch, and has cleared up a bit as you can see in the attached pictures (what more is there to want from a lava lamp, right?).  The only problem I see now is that as it runs, it accumulates tiny bubbles of the wax in the globe.  These settle out and return to the bulk wax when I turn the lamp off, but I worry that if I let it run too long in one sitting that the fragmenting will get worse.  Nonetheless, if I decide to part with it, I'll remember your interest!

Flow with no flash

Flow with flash

Comment by Jonas Clark-Elliott on October 13, 2020 at 9:20pm

I suspect you have the rare "Champagne Mist," which had hazy liquid intentionally. If it flows, I'd keep it as-is and try to love it! If you end up hating it, just mail it to me...


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