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Her the vessel sits in all of its empty glory! I now wish I went the siphon route to fill the thing initially, easy peasy! Ran a few quick distilled water rinses on the inside and will hopefully get her stitched back up over the weekend.

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Comment by VOXul on May 31, 2022 at 9:46am

This is the original Haggerty vessel, it has since been replaced by Hughes Wave Motion vessel due to this one having a bad crack and crazing over the entire surface. To the right of the air dam bump there is a fill hole that comes off the side. If you zoom in you can see a double wall area on the side of the external fill hole. Within that double wall section there is another hole that goes into the main cavity. That main section of the air damn to the left of the double wall also has a hole at the bottom of that inner wall (top of it seen in this upside down picture). Once the vessel is filled you would flip the vessel upside down to trap all the air within that main section of the air damn and since the access hole to that area is at the bottom of that double wall the air remains trapped within that bump. Kind of tricky to explain, I can try to get a drawing visual if none of this makes sense, haha!

Oh, and that plastic spike shooting off the left side of the air damn aligns with a hole in the rocker arm of the machine base to lock it in place for motion.

Comment by Robert Israel on May 29, 2022 at 11:18am

How does this air trap work?


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