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New 52oz LL Black/Orange from Spencer's Online

A slight haze......warming up on a 60 watter with dimmer....40 watter's a joke in the a/c on a 52 oz imo.........globe is still crap...lots of starry's and even a scratch....probably return at my local Spencer's if I can find one in better shape!!

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Comment by Carol on September 16, 2015 at 10:26pm

I JUST COULDN'T LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE Vox!!!!  I thought I could get a better one at Spencer's so I took this one back and ended up getting one that is worse!!!  I inspected it in Spencer's but kind of felt weird about it.  Like the sales guy was like rushing me into making a decision.  The one I got seemed clearer but when I got it home and fired it up, it seemed to haze up.  Then I noticed the globe was a bit worse as far as stars and what not.  I tried to go for a clearer liquid while not really paying attention to the stars and stuff on the globe.  I even put it on one of their lit up display bases.  I'm starting to get china confused with these lamps, lololol!!!


A few on OG think I should just dump it and put MY black/orange kit into the china globe.  I think I will but going to wait for cooler temps to start the boil down....makes my kitchen like Dante's Inferno, lol!!!

Comment by VOXul on September 16, 2015 at 6:51pm

You comment on the 40w not being strong enough in the 52oz China, I wonder if it has to do with the base cup that touches the globe.

I picked up a Heritage Century the other day and it seems to run a bit hot at full brightness, I have to dim a 40 when in an A/C room, weird! The base connection on the Heritage model has a shelf of sorts that surrounds the lightbulb. I wonder if it acts as a heat ring around the circumference of the globe while your model has more open air between the base wall, light bulb and globe.

Globe looks nice though, would never guess it was hazy!


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