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I have opened a lava lamp inorder to replace cloudy liquid and transfer the lava to another globe. In doing so, I believe I may have compromised the lava. Could boiling lava hurt it? I let it get to hot and when i checked it the lava was actually boiling. Also, could I have compromised it by adding too much soap? I have put clean water in it and let it cycle several times, hoping this would help the state of my lava but so far I am having no luck with getting it to cycle. I am using cold distilled water, palmolive and canning salt. How do I salvage this lamp??!!

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Comment by Jennifer on September 19, 2008 at 1:54pm
Thanks for your advice, It looks like it is going to work! So, if you need to switch lava to a different globe how do you do it if boiling lava is bad? Also, I really like smaller bubbles in lava lamps. I though that adding more salt water would do it, but maybe I should be adding diluted soap? I'm so thankful for your quick response, i don't know what it is about lava lamps but I can't stop buying them or altering them! I think i'm in good company here!


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