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Hey you wonderful goo-loving sweeties! I just scored my first aristocrat off of ebay and am wondering if you could help me figure out a couple of things about it.

1. Is the base rare? It seems to have a more stretched out appearance compared to other aristocrats that I've seen on the web.

2. The master fluid is really clear when it's cold and then as it warms up, it gets pretty cloudy. I've only ran this lamp about four times since I got it out of the shipping box. Maybe things need to settle more in the master fluid?

Hope you are all doing well!

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Comment by Claude J on March 26, 2022 at 10:17pm

It has orange felt, so that dates it to the 1960's

There should be a date sticker on the inside of the cap
That is elongated a bit
Perhaps its a 32oz globe enchantress?

this is an aristocrat

Comment by Jsmooth on March 21, 2022 at 4:32pm

Sorry all the pictures are sideways. They are upright on my computer but when I upload them, they turn on their sides... eh... you get the idea anyway.


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