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At 11:50am on September 25, 2009, luke said…
I seem to have this thing about 1930s 40s clocks, 1970s sunburst clocks and 60s/70s lava lamps maybe im mad lol
At 10:47am on July 7, 2009, Jonny Magma said…
You can use both methods. Turkishcoffee has a red bulb with an exterior black light. You can also get a filter you can attach to the bottom of the bottle. With our new lamps that will be coming out soon you will be able to choose the light source by remote control.

At 1:05am on July 7, 2009, Jonny Magma said…
To answer your blacklight goo question on turkishcoffee's photo: that is our blacklight goo from www.gookits.com. You can run the lamp without blacklight and it will look regular orange. When you put a blacklight on it the wax glows atomic orange. Really cool stuff.

At 1:42am on June 1, 2009, Pascal said…
It´s an older bottle from ebay germany.
This bottle is from foam.de who make some exhibitions for Mathmos.
It´s an exhibition piece which ran once.
At 1:47am on May 24, 2009, Jonny Magma said…
I appreciate it. Can't wait for you to try the Goo first hand. I wouldn't run my lamps with anything else... Talk to you soon.

At 11:50am on May 11, 2009, Bianca said…
Thanks for my fluidim red bulb comment :) that bulb is a official mathmos bulb i got some years ago. coloured bulbs are becoming hard to get hold of, but i manage to purchase a red and blue globe bulbs from ryness electrical shop.
At 6:34pm on May 8, 2009, Clobb said…
just the usual - blue/green - violet/red and possibly a violet/orange
... but as you're the master of the 'fade' ;-)

anyhoooooo - the shop is on Anzac Highway - near Le Cornu
You have to ASK = they're hidden in a termite ridden part of their warehouse ;-)

Give me a call on 0402 850 846 if you want to meet me there ;-)
At 2:10am on May 8, 2009, Clobb said…
Its a small world eh ?
Anyhooooo - which part of Adelaide do you live in ?

I've found a shop sitting on a few astro baby / telstar globes
Just the usual colours tho ... I've whittled 'em down to $50 each ;-)
I'm off there tomorrow if you're after any ?
At 12:24am on May 1, 2009, Gone For Good said…

Congrats on your wins. I hope the cloudy lamp is not beyond recovery. The filter pump is good but it's really hard work to operate. Your muscles will get a tourough work out.

I had no luck at boot sales last weekend. I saw, yet again, a lot of cheaper lamps but nothing good. It's a bank holiday weekend in England so I have sunday & monday boot sales to explore. Hopefully something will turn up.

Take care mate


At 2:50am on April 27, 2009, Bianca said…
Thank for your message.Rod.I will plan to get my Astro down from the loft again during the year, I also have a red bulb for it that i purchased in mathmos in 2000, cant get coloured golf ball type bulbs any more?.
At 2:18pm on April 20, 2009, Gone For Good said…
Good luck with the astro auction.

Sheesh Rod, I have just filtered the orange (non-flow lamp) twice, and by gad it is crystal clear. Quite an operation. Filtered it once..scrapped the inside of the empty bottle with a nylon brush..re-filled the bottle..and nothing but murky cloudy orange/gold nasty looking stuff. Fired the lamp up..boy it was terrible..really cloudy. I let the lamp get hot until the lava was just starting to move..then switched the thing off..carefully emptied the bottle once again..while the wax was still warm..boy was that tricky ! Filtered the liquid a second time and hey presto it is CRYSTAL CLEAR. It is fabulous. Only thing is I spilt a small quantity of liquid so it's about an inch shy from full ! Unbelievable error on my part. I will top it up with some clear.

it is a shame we missed each other on chat..one day we will catch up.

Take care..

At 1:53am on April 20, 2009, Gone For Good said…
Hi Rod

The mysterious non flowing Astro issue has been solved. I switched bases. I had a spare one hanging around. Stroke of luck eh. I got the lamp for £2.50. I also passed on 2 other Mathmos products. One very sorry green/milky clear Astro..ooo it was truly shocking to the eyes. Also passed on a orange/clear fluid astrobaby, c/w no lid. I have several speare lids, but this wasn't an issue. The vase was disgusting..truly awful. It looked like it has been in a wild west saloon and was used as a spitoon !. He also wanted £4 for it. If it wasn't for the possibility of contracting a rare disease I would have taken it. I offered £1 for it..the guy said no.

I also saw well over a dozen "cheapy" style lamps.

I am about 150 miles from Portsmouth so it's not too bad a run.

The telstar has orange wax, it is not yellow (oh how I wish it was)

I use Bohle cleaner to clean the glass of my bottles. It is superb in every way and also environmentally safe.

For the bases I use good ole "Brasso" mixed with a dab of elbow grease. It has em smiling brightly in a jiffy.

Take care Rod, stay in touch
At 12:26am on April 16, 2009, Gone For Good said…
Hey Rod

Things are ok here, hopefully the same there

Hmmm an original blue/white astro..I don't think so. Mathmos did not sell this combination as a lamp..looks like the seller is pulling a fast one there, although anything is possible ;)

I had no luck whatsoever last weekend with lamps, although it was very cloudy and the rain did fall on occasions. When the sun comes out and the "good weather people" sell their belongings, I will be there with bells on, as they say.

Things are a little quiet on the forum at the moments, hopefully it will liven up shortly.

Take care

At 12:25am on March 30, 2009, Gone For Good said…
Hey Rod

The tooth is better yipeee !

I went to boot sales yesterday..nothing turned up although I saw a few cheapy lava lamps going at ridiculous prices.

You are correct about the flock lamp..and I only paid £1.50 for it..an amazing find last year..the best I have had. The vase was completely ruined, looking like a milky red/white mess and was lost. I have now a red/clear vase in it.

I also got a white jetstream cover last year, although it was through pure chance that I got it. The seller had a lava lamp sitting next to it, and I didnt know about the cover until the seller pointed it out to me.

I am looking forward to june/july this year, I am sure I am going to find a lunar this year..I have my fingers crossed.

You take care


At 12:50am on March 18, 2009, Gone For Good said…

thanks for the comments about the teeth..

Save your money on the Telstar lamp, I am sure I will be able to get one to you this year. The fluidium is a lamp I would STRONGLY recommend you buy as it is totally superb in everywhere. A true thing of beauty.
At 1:16am on March 17, 2009, Gone For Good said…
Hey Rod

No luck at boot sales on sunday, it's still a bit early though.

I am currently fading my blue/white astro vase in the green house. I've had this bad toothache for a week now and it's getting me down a bit but money is so tight at the moment I am unable to get the thing fixed.
At 1:38pm on March 11, 2009, Gone For Good said…
Quote "Someone here suggested getting a clear/white and a blue/blue and swapping the fluids to get clear/blue and blue/white." Quote.

Thats exactly what I did to achieve my blue/white, although I am far from happy with the white(clear fluid)/blue goo astro. It just does not look right, it's too dark. I am watching it flow now and it does not fill me with any joy. I am going to try and fade the goo in my greenhouse to try for sky blue goo..you never know it may work..although I am not holding my breath.

I usually go to 3 boot sales a week..first one last weekend, but got nothing apart from very muddy feet. It's early in the year now, the real fun starts in june...up at 4.30am boot sale at 5am..walking for 4 to 5 hours then crumpling in a heap. I had a disaster last year with a fluidium vase..it fell out of my bag and broke..blue liquid/green goo..i'd never seen one before..and boy did that annoy me !!!!. Luckily I now use reinforced bags ;).

It always amazes me when people want rid of these items..and usually for such a small ammount of money. I have not spent over £10 on any lamp aquired...I can usually knock them down to £2-3..with my clever bargaining technique..you see I can always find something wrong with a lamp ;)

Speak soon..and it's a pleasure to chat with you


At 1:11am on March 11, 2009, Gone For Good said…
Hey Rod.

Thanks for the kind comments. My collection is getting there. ALL of the lamps have been aquired from boot sales over a 2 year period. I once got 7 in one day ! The glitterball was found last year. The good thing about boot sales is that the lamps are genuine..and not "manipulated" by sellers..and they are pleased to get rid of them. There are a lot of cheap & nasty lamps at boot sales and the good ones tend to get lost in them. Ive had a few bad ones though. The blue/white astro was a liquid swap basically. I will try and post a few pics today. The white lava makes the blue liquid a "minty blue" which is very attractive.
At 12:21am on January 31, 2009, Orbitz said…
Thank you! I will try this when summer comes around, we actually have a thin layer of snow here today, so I'll have to wait a while. :-)
At 2:17pm on December 9, 2008, Keith said…

Hello Rod,
I checked out your webpage and I like what I see. However, my soundcard is not working right now and I can't listen;( I will have to get that taken care of soon.

Yes, the universe is a great place, and I love the beauty of it's appearance and graceful mechanics. It is truly a gift from God.

check out these photos that I found of the conjunction from our perspective.


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