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I don't know anything about the history of the coach lanterns, so I asked the seller what color the lava was. He said it has a yellowish glow with the light on and the liquid has a green hue. The pics don't really seem to match that exactly, and his answer was kinda strangely worded. Almost like he doesn't know what a lava lamp is - "i guess when the liquid warms up, the goo does the same."

Anyone know any info about this lamp?

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If you don't mind the cloudiness, this might work fine. If you buy it and don't like the globe it has, I'll take the globe *grin* I really need a few more gold-cap 52-oz globes. This MAY be a late 70s model, at a time when "orange/yellow" was basically red lava.
This one really looks more brassy than copper - it seems they came in both variations in the past? Is this potentially a valuable lamp, or at least the base if the globe sucks? :) The top & cap look narrower than the new ones, and there's no knob on the base. Does the knob turn it on or do anything on the new replicas?
Not particularly valuable.

Here is an article I wrote on the Coach lamps. Hopefully it will help.
The pictures of this lamp are 2 of the exact same ones used in a lamp that sold about 2 weeks ago, from a different person. The buyer of that lamp is not the same as the seller of this lamp, unless it's an alternate user ID. Makes me wonder what might be wrong with the lamp...or it's not pictures of the actual lamp. Here's the older ebay item:

Hmmmmm, that is interesting. I ended up deciding to pass on this lamp. I would rather find a red/clear Midnight Century.
The second sale might be a scam, or he might just be borrowing pbhotos rather than bothering to take his own.

The new ones have a rotary switch knob on the base, and the earlier old ones have a bigger (non-functional) knob off to one side that simulates a fill cap for a kerosene reservoir. This style as shown is a mid-70s-to-1992 design, the most common Lantern, and the copper finish is similar to the paler Crestworth copper. The handle snaps into the base - unlike the Crestworth and early US styles, you shouldn't pick this one up by the handle. Still, it's a nice unusual model.
I emailed the seller asking about the pictures. He said he didn't buy the other lamp, he was just being lazy and took the pictures off ebay. That would explain why his description of the liquid and lava didn't quite match the pictures.

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