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Lava Totally (And Only) Sticking To Sides Of New Lamp...

Hey All,
Just got one of those new 52oz rainbow globe lava lamps (I only bought it to transfer the contents to a clear globe in hopes of finally getting a clear/white!).
I got it yesterday, put it on and the lava is just sucked right against the sides of the globe, it flows up and gathers at the top (and most of it stays up there) and then makes one trail down the other side of the bottle. I had it on for 9 hours, periodically I swilred it so the lava would sink... but it just went right back to the sides and did the same thing.

I was hoping after cooling all night it would be better today but once it heated up it just did the exact same thing. The lava barely looks like it's moving... it's very translucent and looks very thin (or watery which I know isn't possible, but that's how it looks). I also ran the bottle under hot water thinking that may melt any wax on the inside glass, but that did no good.

I don't recall ever having this problem with a lamp b4. Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this? I can't return it since I already removed the bottle cap (just to check if the liquid was clear or cloudy) and then recapped it with another cap (with a bottle capper).

Thanks for any help-

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Thanks for the replies/info Astro and Bohdan...
I was hoping I may have just gotten a defective globe but I'm not surprised to hear that this sticking problem has been an issue w/ the rainbow globes (do they ever get anything right these days?). I knew my plan to make a clear/white was too good to be true!! Well, maybe before I die I'll get one some day. :O)
I'm just gonna run mine for a few days to try and get the lava "mixed" and then transfer it into a clear globe. My fantasy is that it's just the rainbow globe that's causing the problem and that'll it'll work beautifully in the clear one... but I'm sure that's not the case.
It's so ridiculous that they put this crap out for sale when they have to know they don't work correctly. I'm so annoyed... I'll have to start another thread in the collecting forum to rant about Lava World.
Thanks again guys (and lucky you Astro for finding that fluidium on a bin!! If only it was white. :O) )
That's a cool idea Bohdan. I actually got one of the clear glitter 52's when I got this rainbow... but I love the glitter lamp clear so no tampering with this one (except maybe to transfer it into an old 52oz bottle that doesn't have the green tint).

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