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Any ceramic icon collectors still out there? Sun and Moon ...

Just curious what the trade value one of these has?

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On any given day these can go for 100 plus shipping and up.  All depends on who's looking to buy.  I got mine for under a 100.00 plus shipping - 25.00.  I'm guessing 140.00 or less plus shipping. I've seen some online for 200.00 plus but never SOLD and think they are worth it because in todays world not a lot were produced. Where as today you have a million of each item made for a larger market.  Back when this lamp was created there were a billion less people living on the planet. However not a lot of people are aware this lamp even exists which makes it harder to get higher bids. Again - it all begins with what day and time and the market when you list if you decide to sell. 

Are you selling ? Have the original box? 

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