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I just bought a blip glitter lamp and I am having trouble finding info about them. What do you all know about them? I wasnt sure if it was even lava brand until I saw it on endoftherainbow.com.

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Blips were produced right at the change-over from USA to China and, if I remember correctly, were sold mainly at Wal-Mart and without the Lava name. Yes, the gold-capped ones flow better, are better, all around. I believe these were the first 20oz. lamps. Previously, Lava was making only 32oz. and 52oz. Now, of course, they make 8, 20, and 52, but no 32.
I would like to buy some BLIP tops and bases if anyone would have some to sell. I dislike the 20s with the standard top and base for some reason. Please let me know if you have any to sell!
I got my blips in the mail today. One of them is great and has a lot of glitter in it. The other one has large glitter flakes and has a lot less glitter in it. It also quits flowing after a while and I have to shake it to get it moving again. They both have the 33b written on the gold cap but act so differently. Maybe I can use a higher wattage bulb to make it run better.
Here are 2 pictures for comparison.

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