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I wish I could purchase it!

It will be very interesting to see how much this super rare/awesome lamp sells for.


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400 pounds for a refill that only stays clear for several weeks is crazy!

I sure hope that Mathmos gave you the glitter refill for free!

Would it not be possible to refill it yourself using several brand new Lunar bottles that only cost 69 pounds each?

nah i had saved my glitter mix prior to the refill, i could have had a reduced priced solid wax refill but never bothered just cut my losses, they said i had over heated it but it never showed any signs of over heating, till i hear of anyone refilling theres with the same mix and it doesnt cloud im sticking with the glitter version i used from lava world argos lamps few years back.

i could go down the lunar bottles but the lamp has approx 25 litres of contents

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