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I've never done this before so here it goes.  Does anyone have Fantasia Glitter Graphics lamps they want to sell. I'm looking for the Mime face , Semi Truck, Dragon, Bar Open, Happy Hour or the Saloon. I own all the rest and would like to complete my collection so I can display them all at once. Right now the ones I own are sitting in a massive file drawer where I keep lamps cataloged and they are begging to come out. I only display complete collections.  Just my quirk.  I cannot look at them knowing some are missing from the series so best to keep them in mint condition until I find the rest.  My favorite of the series is the Parrot Lamp and Fish.  When I first displayed the fish lamp I almost got sea sick because it made me feel like I was under the ocean swimming amongst the fish. I almost purchased fish food to feed the lamp.  Just kidding.  No serious.

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