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Is anyone making or know of available fantasia replacement glass sprays for the large lamp models? Thanks

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There was a member who attempted this but has since given up:  This was posted just this past April.


Yes that is the unfortunate truth. I gave up making the sprays because I was running into "shaping issues" it was very time consuming and very nerve racking. You need a very big open space, patience and preferably a barber or hair dresser to help trim them. I ended up getting nervous as I would trim the sprays in my workshop the little fragments would fly everywhere including some on my clothes! If any of you have never had a fiber optic glass splinter I have one word of advice, never get one! You do not want these invisible splinters in your skin. There was also a liability issue I was facing having to sell them. This is exactally why the original fantasia owner (president) sold the company. They were beginning to get a lot of lawsuits regarding the glass fiber optics and the problem with people getting the splinters and some even needing surgical removal! So when I moved to Florida last month from NY I decided to leave the fantasia spray making business and color wheel business behind. I would be more than willing to help instruct any willing person looking to make the sprays and for the record the plastic fiber optics do not and will not work, been there done that. The weight of the glass fiber optics is what dictates how the spray will drape and Form it's canopy. The less weight the more they stand up. Plastic fiber optics stay coiled and lack weight, plus they kink and bend. I do apologize for not being able to continue this. I know many had high hopes of getting their hands on the replacement sprays.
I don't know anyone as of recent that is doing it, but maybe another member does.  Sounds like a tough hobby though.

Here is the original link to the thread if you want to read the original postings.


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