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Hello to everyone, I'm new to this site! I have a beautiful 1970's Crestworth Astro Mini, it used to work fine, but i havent used it for a few years. I bought  a new 40w bulb, but even after 3 hours, most of the wax just sits at the bottom and some at the top. The water is also a bit cloudy. I have read some threads about salt and hand soap, and others which say the wax might just be too old. What should I do to get it working again!? Any  tips would be great.


Really appreciate any advice


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I recommend using www.electricplanet.co.uk for replacment bottles right now, they have better stock than Mathmos unbelievably. The price is a little more once you add postage, but atleast you will get your bottle in the foreseeable future! Keep your original bottle safe so you can return it to its original state if you choose to, even though it doesn't work its part of your original lamp.
No blue/red astro bottles left tho :(
Is your surname really Ricgards?

I remember you, you're our 2000th member here!
Aw Shucks...yeah I'm number 2000!

No my name isn't really Ricgards, i use the pseudonym Richards so I dont put my real surname everywhere.....but i mis spelt it! Doh!

Thanks for the advise guys, Im gonna buy a new one and get it going again soon.


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