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So.. Am I crazy? 

I'm so fed up with my P/Y Colossus and its crappy/stuck/non-existent flow, I'd totally consider a glitter conversion.  Only problem is I don't want to slaughter dozens of glitter lamps to make it happen (although it might be cheaper than the alternatives.)

Has anyone figured out a formula for glitter fluid? And what kind of glitter would I need? I've never made a glitter lamp before (yeah, I know, I'm crazy) but I think a Glitter Colossus (Glitterossus?) could be done. 

If there wasn't a reasonable brew-at-home glitter fluid, I'd consider making a vortex using this pond LED lamp and this crazy expensive thru-the-glass pump. The pump can be turned down to 200GPH, which is pretty slow.  Maybe not as lazy as I'd like, but still slow. The pond LED lamp can be set on one color or rotate through colors like the Glitter Vortex lamps.  

Okay, unleash your thoughts on me. I can take it!  (No, I did NOT smoke crack with the Toronto mayor today.)

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I should clarify: The pond LED would go in the base (not in the globe) to replace the incadescent bulb (rigged with a custom bracket and plug into the bulb socket with an adapter) and the pump would go on the base of the globe. Or I could skip the LED and just dye the water/fluid.  

I refilled a Lunar bottle with manny little Lavalite glitter bottles.

It was very expensive :)

Maybe you can refill it with ~4 Grande glitter Lamps?

As far as i know, nobody found a Glitter formula jet.

No good glitter formula has been found. Refilling with Grande glitters would be one way to go. Another would be a Goo Kit, and you could keep that lava-- in any color you like!

If I had (or could even find) 4 glitter Grandes I'd enjoy them as-is. Maybe some off-brand glitter lamps.

Jonas, I've been considering a goo kit since it first started acting up but from what I've read no one seems to like the goo kit wax for this size of a project or the longitevity of the wax.

I am not a big fan of goo kits any more too.

Maybe refill it with 4 (or more?) Heritage lava Grandes?

Or contact Mathmos for their Mathmos Monster refill kit. It is a very liquid formula and the lamp cant be moved after filling, but it will start up very fast and have a nice flow.

Yea a refill using a fue or more grande's would be an idea and relativly cost effective but clearly would be a big job.

If you do want glitter though, there have been attempts at making DIY glitters but they are not as good as any glitter you can buy cheaply by far, it would be cool to see a glitter colossus maybe even with a colour changing LED module.

If you want glitter the way to do it would be to buy a load of cheap glitters - maybe you could get a load wholesale and the ones you don't use sell off on ebay.

I don't know about the Mathmos formula - it will probably work but the monsters are tall and thin so maybe the formula is specifically designed for the monster globes.

I can't see using the heritage Grandes. It would be like gutting 4 Camaros to build one Corvette. I looked at prices of off-brand glitter lamps, too--it's cost prohibitive. There's got to be a cheap fluid I can use. Would mineral oil work? It can be bought in bulk, it's clear, and its used in radiant heaters so you know it can handle the heat. Would it flow? Has anyone tried it? Would it dissolve glitter over time? I should try a smaller globe for practice unless someone tells me it can't be done.

have you talked to Loren yet I know he makes glitter but I think he uses the liquid from glitter lamps

Yes, he says he hasn't made fluid before, as I recall.


Glitter formula is very simple:

use pure propylene glycol!

The issue is to find the glitter...

Marcel said:

As far as i know, nobody found a Glitter formula jet.

I, personally, would look into the mathmos liquids. I think it would be great to have a large lamp with the "classic" shape that starts up quickly, and of course flows nicely. I don't know if the bottle shape would allow the wax to cool enough at the top, though. Maybe mathmos could give you some answers. A glitter with controllable led color would be nice too. I can't wait to see the result, regardless of what you decide.
Great idea. Will glitter from an art store not hold up in propylene glycol? How'd you know the ingredient, or are you speculating??? :-)

Astralav said:


Glitter formula is very simple:

use pure propylene glycol!

The issue is to find the glitter...

Marcel said:

As far as i know, nobody found a Glitter formula jet.

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