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Interested in purchasing 2 or 3 empty Grande globes.  I have some project ideas in mind but don't want to sacrifice my current globes!


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lol just a guess well hopefully everything works out and they are giants.

Claude J said:

naw thats not them

my little secret for now :)

yes I'm wondering myself

she says giants when i talk to her, and she writes grandes in her email so...??

I think they have been around since the haggerty days so we may be in luck for giants

she also has those funky mushroom lamps that always arrived with the collar slightly cracked

Last one sold for near $100 on eBay-even with the crack

I told her I;ll clean her warehouse out of everything left,. 

shes on a business trip and should be returning next week

Her? hmmm is her name Pam by chance?

This petition is a great idea Blake! Can you also petition them to make Giant wave machines again too. Ahhh WTF, ask them to remake the Imperial too. Thanks for taking the initiative Blake and I pray for your success.

Blake said:

this is blake again i know that you think i am crazy about what i said the other day but i am serious lets start a petition and get these things back on the shelf or at least start calling them if nothing else we need to talk them into making them as a custom item like i order one i would need a certain percentage down then they would make one the company i work for does this we don't make anything someone orders something we make $10,000 fireplaces so i know hat it can be done please help because i would like to bu one

Please keep my wife out of it Doc.

Dr. WHAT?! said:

Her? hmmm is her name Pam by chance?

the chances of this happening are,...

lol! anyone ever watch kids in the hall? look at me hey hey hey

Jimbo I was talking about a end of the rainbow Pam :)


I cant say what i think of her here, this is family orientated forum

Lets just say my intelligence was needlessly insulted when i bought up the fact the crap she sold me didnt work

lol whoops sorry I mentioned her, just thought maybe it was her since she does/did have old school LL stuff. I got a rare blue/white grande from her years ago.  Anyway I'll stop guessing lol

no worries doc

her loss

First order was @$200 and some cheap china stuff was just not right

I was prepared to make a $400 purchase and clean out a lot of her inventory, but she opted to discontinue the relationship


Karma has a weird way of taking care of things

Claude, if they are actual Giants, I too would potentially be interested in getting in line. It was a pleasure doing business with you when you sold me that lantern. I recently came across a record store that sells new lamps in NE Pennsylvania and got to talking with the owner who'd been a lava reseller for 30+ years. Conversation ended with me buying a BNIB Santa icon lamp for $100.00. He didn't have anything else left unfortunately. He now has to purchase LL through a larger toy distributor because LL won't sell to the little guys anymore. Kind of a shame. 

Claude - was nice chatting with you the other night. We will have to connect in person one of these days. Count me in if these are indeed Giants and I promise not to be greedy. What I really want is that pink/pink Giant.

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