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Hi everyone :-)

I purchased a new Grande the other day and I accidently knocked it over and it rolled across the floor (it was cool and had not been on for 12 hours so the wax was hard) and since then the liquid is all cloudy but clear at the top, The liquid is filled with microscopic dust like particles. Will my lamp stay this way or will it clear up? I would really appreciate some advice. BTW it's china made :-(

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if it was not cloudy before it took it's roll it "might" clear up, however the grande series is not known for clearing up, first step is to set it upright and let it settle down for a day or so.  Then you can try a few cycles, if it is not clearer in a week the prognosis is not good.

It was fine before it rolled, Thanks for your advice I will give it a few cycles and keep my fingers crossed :-)

Sometimes a cool dark corner for a few days will help the particles settle.

Then warming it up slowly till molten, but not flowing, helps the particles re-integrate. 

Chances are the microscopic particles may just be bubbles from the turmoil of the fall.

Let it settle for a few days before running it. 

I've literally dropped a 32oz off a high shelf. The fluid was all bubbly and clouded, but it settled to crystal clarity after a week or so. 

The China made Grande's do not recover as well, but it doesn't hurt to try. 

Where did you buy the Grande KellyMarie? Care to upload a pic?

Weebotech - Thanks for your advice, I will see what happens within the week and if it doesn't clear up I will return it, I had not done much research before I purchased my Grande otherwise I probably would not have purchased due to all the issues people have with china lamps.

Erin, I purchased the lamp from Argos, I can upload a pic soon :-)

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