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Hi everyone. I'm new and I just got my first Grande. I did the custom Grande and got the volcano tri color with a black base. I've had other lava lamps in the past and know they shouldnt be cloudy. I've had a few that that I've changed the liquid color and one I transferred into a wine bottle (I've had one explode too, but thats another story lol). So the grande is cloudy, I figured from being beaten up in shipping. I let it sit overnight when I first got it before powering it on. I've done 3 cycles of 8 hrs on, 8 hrs off to no avail. Their customer service (which has been great by the way) suggested bursts, heat it until the wax until soft, power off, repeat. 

So with everyone's experience here, having a lamp that was shipped cloudy, will it ever clear up? Or will I have to crack it open and filter the liquid? I'd rather not, for $120 I was hoping I wouldnt have to do that kind of thing to it.

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Not too long ago I received a somewhat cloudy Grande too. Mine was the classic red wax/yellow liquid with gold base and cap. Upon receiving it, I noticed it was pretty cloudy. I let it sit overnight and ran it and the next day for about 8 hours with no noticeable improvement. I called Lava Lite the next day and told them it was cloudy. They told me to run it for a week for about 6 hours a day and to my amazement, it did clear up pretty good. Maybe not 100% but good enough for me. The rep told me that the wax particles tend to separate during shipping.

I would try the same thing with yours and if you don't see a noticeable improvement after a week or so or if it isn't to your satisfaction then I would go ahead and give them a call.


What do you call a Grande ?


Sam, the Mathmos Astro and the Lava Century are the same size.  The Grande is much bigger

Image result for lava lamp size chart

Sam I am said:


What do you call a Grande ?


HA ! ok  thanks I didn't knox I only do Mathmos ....

So which one is the astro I am French and we don't speak the same language with cm and in :)


Can you tell me if this is the custom cool grande -  White Wax/Red, Orange, Yellow Tri-Colored Globe – GLBE600

Donald - I've been thinking of buying a pair of these lamps for some time now but was no sure what the end color result will look like when lit.   When it ever clears up can you let me know what the end result looks like or send me a photo.  I'm hoping the color combo will give off a nice orange amber glow and not all red. Your lamp  looks like it's clearing up nicely.  Some do and some don't.   Your lamp looks like its well on it's way to clear city. 

Thank you 

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