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well not really but neither of us have been on the site in a long time........how is everybody?
we have been super busy.mandys beeen working like 20 -30 hours of overtime a week...... plus we did alot of car shows over the summer....i thought of the site when we were at an antiquie store today and found some old lamps.a nice coachlamp with a copper fill knob/copper folding bail but the rest was brass.....a white squiggle planter and 2 centurys.....
i'll try to post some pics when we pick them up next week.....phil

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phil! you are sooooo not new!
what, more like 6 years gooheads.
I'm glad you stopped in.
check out all the cool stuff you can do here like posting pics and videos and creating photo albums, blogs, groups and more! welcome back,
Welcome back!!!
Long time no see.

It is great to hear you are still collecting and scored some new lavas.

Can't wait to see them.

Welcome back indeed!

this is phil ...mandys working...i just got a new camera and as soon as i get it figured out i'll post up some pics of the new stuff............she just got an brown lamp with gold lava aztec?...............
she still paints bases.she has a halloween themed one thats still packed up thats for sale.......she has about 40 or 50 bases,she just has to find time......pics as soon as i figure out the camera.........
Welcome...again! Glad to see you back! You were one of the early ones on here, and you did some amazing paint jobs!
Hey guys and gals....been working lots this year and totally slacking on my painting (though I did make up some kick ass halloween decorations for work). Gotta get my butt in gear, had a bunch of people asking about artwork the past few months so I gotta get back into the swing.

We're headed out to the skateing rink this afternoon (how 90's is that) but my buddy from work really wanted to go and it sounds like an interesting time. Havent been skating in like 15 years so I'll probably look like a total fool.

we'll keep you guys posted on any new I come up with.

luv u guys...Mandy
Cool! cant wait to see your new creations - in lava and otherwise.
yes we still have mandysbus and phils bus .....we have 6 cars right now all vws................ mandys daily driver is a 86 vw cabriolet[convertible] with nightmare b4 christmas stuff that she painted on it.......i'll hafta get some pics of it..............she also does custom painted lamps and other artwork[gourdsbicycle paintings]..its getting into the season where we have more time to be at home and create stuff.....we run around alot in the summer
Hi Mandybus, welcome back, hope you two stay longer this time!
OMG! What great MB's!! I have always wanted one! Infact I looked at one about a month ago, but I decided to go with a slightly larger car. Um.....ok....alot larger. I restore old hearses. I currently have four. And believe it or not, I was thinking about painting one of them in a "Nightmare" theme. I'd love to see more of your work! I have gotten away from painting, but seeing what you've done gives me the fever to go do something! I'd love to see more shots of your MB's too! I also do car shows and I appreciate hard/quality work on a auto.
If you would like to swap some photos accept my friend invite and we'll do so.
Hope to hear from you!

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