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Help! I just bought a 1973 Aristocrat and it is cloudy and has white powder at the bottom.

Hi! Can anybody help me? I just bought a 1973 Aristocrat gold base/cap yellow/red and at the bottom around and on the coil it has white powder looking substance. The lamp still flows but, I am concerned what the white powder stuff is - maybe it is oxidation? The lamp is also alittle cloudy and I would like to know how I could clear that up as well. If the older lamps are cloudy is there any way of clearing them up? I thought maybe I could change the liquid and leave the lava but, I have no clue if it's a screw on cap or how to even go about the process. Any help anybody could provide would be great!

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Thanks for all the info you have been most helpful! :) Your lava lamps are beautiful! What kind of lava lamp is the one on the right with the coil like thing inside the globe?
I am SO pleased to have found this thread with Bohdan's advice. I recently purchased a 1973 Century with beautiful blue oil and very, very clear, chunk and bubble-free green lava. Quite a nice original. Anyway, it also has a lot of white powder looking stuff around the ring. What is that stuff?? I took Bohdan's excellent (as always!) advice and have been running the lamp daily. I really believe the white stuff is slowly being reabsorbed (?). Lana, it's been 2 months since you posted this question. How is your lamp today? Thanks, Land and Bohdan. Best, Yuri.
Hey guys as I always say.. these old lamps work better if you control the heat with a dimmer switch!

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