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For those that know me, you know we are the crazy cat couple.

We inherited and maintain a ton of barn cats

Occasionally one steals our heart and we let him/her come in to reside permanently and become part the higher ranking member of the Feline Community.

We originally named this one "Little Girl" but she quickly earned the name of "Chithead".
This little walking disaster managed to get to the higher shelves and toss lava lamps off of them.
She managed to break a total of (4) FOUR!

She would also pull pranks to upset other cats, Sneak up and eat the food off of our dinner plate, knock down the pan with dinner off of the stove, Chew the phone line and not tell us, Leave "surprises" behind heavy cabinets, lamps, etc,etc

Oh! did I mention she trashed 4 Lava lamps?

All in all she was lovable and almost demanded to be center of attention and demand to be cuddle up with me at night.
She defended her territory with a vengeance and let no other cat steal her thunder of affection.

She was almost 2 years old now.

Declawed and Spayed

Last Friday night she came home at dinnertime (as usual)

I looked down and she was having a horrible Seizure.

She was not herself afterwards, but came around and finally was able to eat @ midnight.

She immediately had another seizure, this one being way worse than the first.

She was dripping white goo from the mouth, defecating and Urinating, while screaming with such a immersible loud level of pain, it was emotionally devastating.

I was practically helpless to give her any assistance or relief

These continued all night with another 4 (that i know of) until morning

I got no sleep as I noticed when I held her in a towel, rocked her and spoke softly to her the seizures seemed to subside.

(and apologize to her over and over for what i know what might have to be done)

So I call the Vet Saturday and had her in the office within 3 minutes (right down the road)

$365 in Vet bills later and they cannot find the reason for these Grand Maul seizures

Left with Pheno Barbitrol which was useless at the dosage they suggested.

Double dosage stopped the Seizures but she was catatonic

Vet office is closed on Sunday

I couldn't see her take any more of the pain.

I was left with no choice to call our leaseholder (former police chief) and ask him to come out with his gun .

Chithead left this earth appox 10:00 am CST

R.I.P. Chithead

WE LOVED YOU and will miss you everyday

I spent the remainder of the  day driving around by myself, taking every recreational white chemical I could find, and crying

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Sorry for your loss Claude... its never easy but its good to let it out and grieve.

So sorry Claude. As a guy who cherishes his dogs (and a cat too) I feel your pain. I think you made the right choice here. I remember spending thousands on vet bills to try to save a little fellow just to have them perish anyway.

She certainly was adorable, be glad for the time you had her and all the fun memories....even the four lamp disaster.

I feel your pain as I am a cat lover as well.

I have lost several cat friends during my lifetime and $3,500 was not enough to save my last cat from his unknown illness.

Having him put down was one of the hardest decisions of my life and definitely one of my saddest moments.

At times like this it is important to focus on all the good times that we have had with our pets so they will continue to live on in our memories.

So sorry for your loss Claude.  We give so much to our fur-babies and wouldn't change it for anything.  Our memories of them will be cherished for the rest of our time here.

Thank you everyone,  for all your kind words.

I've had other losses of feline babies that i rescued when mommy abandoned them.
They were just as small and were bottle fed kittens as well,

Sweet pea's death for example, was difficult to deal with.

But I never thought this would be so accept.

The sound of the gunshot still haunts me.

I spent the later part of the day and into the evening with a new carpet cleaner, to remove the messes as a result from Chitheads seizures.

My condolences, Claude. You gave Chithead a loving home and can look forward to the memories, good, bad and destructive! Rest well, Chithead!

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