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Mathmos Astro Blue-Green and Red-Violethttp://oozinggoo.ning.com/video/mathmos-astro-redviolet-and


I am a new member of the Oozing Goo and made a video to show you folks my lamps. I embedded the video to my profile, I am giving you the link:


I wrote some detailed explanation and I'm working on a new lighting setup as we speak. I want to ditch the battery hungry Ledstixx and make something that runs on AC.

Thank you,


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always liked the green blue combo.
That's why it's my first choice as an Astro. ;)

I really enjoy it with backlights though, that's why I made something with LEDs and they run on an adapter. You guys should check it out on my second video, I uploaded it couple days ago I believe.

Before this setup, I was using battery powered ledstixx, which is darn hard to keep it in good condition because batteries drain way too fast.

Now I'm %100 happy with my setup though. ;)

Bohdan, how tall is that Lunar exactly and how much does it weigh? It looks absolutely stunning brother!

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