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I've been dealing with the overheating / stuck / non-existent flow issue ever since I got my Colossus in March, but Sunday night, it completely died!  :(

I was unscrewing a burned out bulb (my Colossus's first) and I felt a SNAP.....

Pulled out the bulb, and the metal part from the ceramic socket came with it!

I found out this part is called the Screw Shell.

Emailed Susan yesterday.....still waiting to hear back from her. 

This is VERY depressing. My Colossus (Blue/Yellow) has been nothing but trouble since the day I got it.......and now THIS. 

I love the way it looks in my house.......I am completely uninterested in a refund or anything like that.......I just want the damn thing to WORK the way everybody else's seem to work!!! I know there were some problems with the purple/yellow......but for the most part, it seems like everyone has been really happy with their Colossus. I want to be happy, too!   :'(

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Strain relief bushing pliars.

Jonas Clark-Elliott said:

Those grommets are a heck of a mess to get out! I've not done it without damage. How do you do it, Autumn?

you can get replacement sockets. I'd replace with a ceramic one as opposed to plastic. Hardware store

Also, when you pinch the bushing with the pliers, you have to turn the whole thing 90° to get it out. ;-) I've had to remove a lot of these.

THAT, sir, is pure, unadulterated NIGHTMARE FUEL!!!

Another tool that works good is a suture pulling hemostat. If you can find one I'll post a pic. They're kind of like needle nose pliers. The suture removing one has 2 teeth on 1 side and a single tooth on the other the goes between the 2 teeth.

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