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Need 2 lava lamps for Christmas gifts - North America power.


I'm looking for Christmas gifts had have 2 people to send some form of lava lamp for Christmas. They are both in the US so they would have to work on US power. I could convert UK/Mathmos to 115V bulb and wiring I suppose, if there is time. I have looked on the shop, but Amazon only sells Lava Lite lamps or ones that seem really cheap ($9 and small).

Any thoughts, suggestions? Does anyone have a cople of nice lamps for sale?

Thanks, everyone!


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how big? what kind? do they have to be new?

They don't have to be new, as long as they are suitable for a gift. Some of the older ones are nicer anyway. As far as size, that isn't too important, either. I have a 52 oz. which is a nice size. One size down would be ok, really as long as they're nice lamps the rest doesn't really matter. As for kind, I don't care. The China Lava Lites aren't the best, but any other are fine.

Thanks for the reply. If you have anything, lemme know!!! :^D
i have a 32oz psychedelic swirl with box, it's basically new. shipping will cost more if you want the box, due to oversized box it needs to be packaged in. i have a yellow/red silver century, just testing it out now.

i have lots of mathmos lamps i need to sell, some are on ebay. sonic.heaven is my id. more will be listed soon or can be sold directly
Thanks for the reply. I am looking for something around $50 each before shipping. Yours are certainly nice though, and worth the money. Unfortunately, just a little bit out of my budget. If you have anything in that price range let me know.
Check out my list here - I have a few boxed lavas. Never used, USA goodness. Midnight, 32oz size. Let me know if you are interested.
Ok, silly question, where do I find your list? I did a search but didn't locate it.
Ok, I kept looking and found your list. (slaps forehead)

From the boxed US;

#13 Clear/Blue - Boxed - New
#10 Clear/Red - Boxed - New - Come in Elek-Trik Box

If you have these, I would send you PayPal payment. I can send you the addresses where these are going to end up and you could get me shipping prices, too. If these aren't available, there are others I'd be interested in. I don't know what the "Elek-Trk" is since I've been out of the lava loop for quite a few years.

The Elek-Trik boxes are the boxes that had that series lamp. The bases were super bright, red, blue, yellow or whatever color they were. The bases were removed and swapped with midnight bases, never used - along with the globes.

Everything is in great condition. If you would like, I can provide pictures. I just checked, all is well. Boxes are great, contents never used.

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