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Looks like LavaLamp has ended the Colossus. The end of an era?

No stock available in any color combination.

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So far, I have seen no good from Lavalite. Not to say that there are no lucky spots; occasionally, an employee is helpful, occasionally a lamp or three flow acceptably well. It isn't like they're trying to be bad.

What they do seem to have in mind is what any company wants: a profit. That's normal. They're not handling things well, though, for us collectors. The liquid motion lamps well and truly suck, save perhaps for the glitters. Even those who have visited trade shows have seen an entire display, by the firm, cloudy and flowing poorly. Thing is, the public-at-large does buy them; most don't know or care about proper flow. It lights up, it blobs a little bit, it's a lava lamp, period. What's sad is that many, nay entire shipments, don't flow at all.

I'm glad you had good luck with Lavalite regarding you Colossus, Matt. I don't know enough about these to really say, but Lava World, from the switch to Chinese production onward, took a dive from which they have never truly recovered. The reintroduction of a copper Lava Coach Lantern was the single bright spot, a concession to collectors in the Mathmos-like red and violet colors. Aside from this, I stand unimpressed, and will continue to hunt pre-China lamps, save for eventually buying a Lantern - that is, if they don't cease production.

Supposedly the new owners claimed they were planning to fix all or most of the problems with Lava World's end product. Why didn't they? I don't think they didn't care exactly; I believe it simply wasn't cost-effective. And in today's business world, one stays competitive or one shuts down and goes under. They chose the former. And yet... many knockoff brands' lamps look better inside. Flow might be lacking, but they DO flow, and are often crystal-clear. The fact that, it would seem, Lavalite can't clear things up inside their globes and still stay competitive is what leads to the belief that they don't care.
I saw a few Lava Lamps at Target as well. Wonder if they suffer the same fate. :/
Because 90% of buyers don't know any better. If it lights up and maybe moves a little bit, it's a lava lamp.

I did see some people at a Fry's Electronics wanting one, but complaining about the cloudiness of the display models. I told them to look up Mathmos if they want a good lava lamp, told them a tiny bit about the quality and where to look.
I stopped in my local Spencer's last week, not a thing with the Lava logo... I asked the manager if they were discontinuing to sell them & it's a huge yes, for the Cincinnati tri-state area.
good news that it sounds like they still may have some. i better start saving!
Wow, they are gorgeous. I wish I had one (and a bigger house). :-)
Too cool! How much, Bohdan? Maybe there's hope of my area getting the Lava back.

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