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Anyone in the UK have a Purple Jet they'd like to sell me ?

.......don't mind if it's just the base & cap, as long as its in super condition.


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I've one of these babies but it's my only example of the purple (some say pink) jet.


Picked it up in a field for a seriously bargain price with its original packaging as well.


I shall keep and eye open for a nice example you might be interested in and hopefully at a good price too.


....jammy bugger !


Yes it's a purple, not the pink i'm after.  Glassarcade had one for sale on eBay recently, but the shipping cost made it too expensive.


Shame Mathmos didn't produce the Jet in blue........would have completed the spectrum of colours !

Thanks for keeping an eye out buddy.


ps. glad you like my profile photo.......haven't had a shave for a while !



Hi Pete

know what you're saying about the blue, why they didnt do a blue base/blue wax/clear fluid edition i'll never know.

it would have looked so cool.

i will also look out for a purple for you (they didnt make a pink, its just some people see it more as a pink)

there was a time on ebay they were quite common, as well as the green. Now the yellow and orange are most common!

i think the orange/yellow were just more popular so there are more about.

good luck  :)

how much you offering

Krissy......how much do you like dohnuts?


I'll contact you later this evening :-)

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