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I just saw this lamp on eBay for $179.99 US. Doesn't look like it's in very good condition to me - very cloudy.

Is this the same lamp that was on auction a while ago?


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Not sure on the rarity, but I feel like I am entering into a damn house contract with all the fine print that person has on her auction. Granted she is probably doing a good thing - she needs to stick with the basics and leave all that other crap OUT. Auctions like that - I don't even consider. If someone has to say THAT MUCH in an auction, it's not worth it.
Oh my gosh she's so wordy!

She's got a cloudy lava lantern to sell for a lot of money and she likes cats!
I HATE when an ignorant seller states it's from "Underwriter Labratories"... dumba$$... that's the CORD!!!!! LOL
Hey, nothing wrong with liking cats.... right? ;D

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