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I found a 1980 century at goodwill for $5.00 it is in great shape and flows nice.

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That's a great deal!

Excellent buy!

LOL! I don't think I've had any lava dreams yet! 

I would say more like a nightmare wow... as when you woke you realized the sandman robbed you..:(

Heheh, I have lava dreams all the darned time, going into thrift stores and finding shelves full of great lamps... Usually not rarities, but scores of Midnights, etc... Then I go visit the actual thrift stores and find one cheap knockoff sans cap and one China 52oz. globe with pond scum green wax.

For sure.. its those dreams when you know the difference.. I have been in dream state where I score huge... and I feel I have a chance almost of beating the limit of dream and reality.. when you come to for a brief moment you think you got the goods.. haha.. my grandma used to say they were dreams from the sandman.. too good to be true.. lol..

WaggS said:

LOL Kira, i havn't heard about the sandman for along time... do you believe in him?  hehe

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