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No brand name named and I can't spot any telltale clues about age or manufacturer.  Looks interesting but I'm not interested if it is a modern knockoff of some sort.


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I came across a very similar lamp at a local goodwill, and thought it looked 70s/80s. It had a polarized plug (I know it could have been replaced), a plastic lamp socket, the classic chinese lamp cap (aluminum with do not drink written on it), and made in china stickers. I passed for the 39.99 they wanted. The one I saw had straight bars though, so it may be different.

Early-2000s. I've seen these in several liquid colors. I don't know what they sold for new. $100 seems a bit steep to me, but if you like it, and think that's an okay price, it's probably a well-made unit. Refill with Kirk's holographic glitter for a real stand-out!

I ended up buying this for $60 i couldn't resist lol plan to paint it and redo the globe.

Well here it is so far, still need to swap out the bulb socket with a black one and add a lamp shade (which is a lot harder to find a good one then I thought it would be!) but all in all this looks way better then the gold look. The globe was redone with my glitter formula using gun metal glitter as well. I'll post another picture once it totally completed.

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