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Springs or Screens that is the question ? I am ready to goo just dont know ?

Hello all,


I am going to goo kit my grande I have everything I need I just want to know whats the best to do. I have the screen they give you with the kit. Has anyone used the screens ? Do they work as well as springs ? Anything I should know on how to set it up ? Or would it be better to use a spring ? Any ideas on where to get and what to get if springs are better ?


Thanks in advance.


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I think most prefer the spring to the screen.  As to where to buy, please check the following.  http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/china-lamp-replace-the-coil
I didn't even know how to use the screen, and the kit didn't include instructions for the screen. My vote: coil.

Where did you buy the 1 meter long springs?  Are they stainless steel?

where can find then in usa?

and how do you connect? With a cut piece of solid stainless rod which would go on the inside of spring and solder ? or weld?

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