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Took a risk and bought one of the kenny prototype lamps.


I decided to go ahead and buy this lamp. To me it looks like an earlier prototype to the known prototypes that people have. When I get this lamp how can I tell if its the real deal or or if I got scammed? I know I took a big risk so I dont want hear about that, I just want to know how to tell if its the real deal.

What I can already tell is that the opening at the top is only barely large enough to fit a globe and the other prototypes have a rim added to the base so it sits properly.

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Well I hope usps dont kill me dead kenny! When you say non prototype do you mean this auction?

As for being bongs originally I guess that would explain why the opening for a globe on mine is 2 3/4". That is barely big enough to sit a globe in it and it would not be very stable.

I am wondering if adding the electrical pieces to the base would lower its value because I would have to drill a hole in the bottom of the base.
i just looked at my bones lamp and after 15 years it dawned on me i had seen this before....maybe thru the blue hazyness and fog...i had seen this before...my freind had a skull bong that the pipe part came out the mouth....
bones is almost an exact match for the skull he had.........just toookj a few years to realize this......
maybe they did this with the other lamps....or maybe i should stop smoking.....phil
It is true that our beloved Icon lava lamps were once made for other purposes...

So does anyone know where you can buy these bongs? Maybe we can take some bongs and make them into lava lamp bases.
Is the opening big enough for a lava globe at the top?
It looks like if you just got a metal cone from an icon lamp you would be good to go. Does anyone have a couple cones from a shattered icon they would be willing to donate/sell?
Got my kenny today.

A couple things I noticed about the kenny base. It barely holds a 32oz globe. Even a 20oz globe wont sit in it. I think if I had an icon metal cone I could make it work but it would stick out the top of the lamp so whats the point. So I think I will just leave it as it is and not try to make it a functioning lamp. I am hoping it is worth more than I paid for it and several years from now I hope its value increases.

Has anyone else seen this version of the prototype before?
Well I came up with an idea. I cut a midnight base in half and now I just need to figure out how to do the electrical.

A little orange paint and it will look pretty good.
There is no way I would chop up an elektrick base. I will just paint this one orange!
Just to let you guys know Ikea sells a lamp fixture that may work fine, when I was having my customs made I told the lady to make 3.5 inch holes. My snowman has the top half of a regular lava world base, my pumpkin has a entire lava lamp base inside and my 8 ball, skull and Easter egg have the lamps I bought from Ikea. The Ikea lamps were in a big bin and had 2 different types of bases, one was a clip on and the other was a table top base but I just bought the lamp tops, they come prewired with a on-off switch too. I want to say they were only $ 7.

I asked about the origins of the lamp I bought and this is the response I got.
"The Kenny has an interesting background. In 1995 I was the GM for ICON Ceramics which was the largest manufacturer of ceramic bong bases in the world. In 1996 we got a contract to produce 10,000 lava lamp bases for world. In 1996 we got a contract to produce 10,000 lava lamp bases for Haggerty enterprises. We retooled our molds to produce our pieces in a way that would accomodate the lava lamps. There were jesters and clowns and a few other pieces. In 1997 Haggerty gave us the contract to produce Southpark characters. The one you have is a prototype that never went to Haggerty. Scott Johnson was the artist that sculpted all of ICONS pieces. He is the son of the late Snellen Johnson who was a famous bronze artist here in the southwest. There were only about 6 or 7 of the one that you have that were even poured (with the stitches and bullet holes). I called the guys that I worked with at the time and we think that yours is the only one left. I haven't talked to Scott but if there is another one left he would have it. I've asked the other guys I worked with if they have any more of the bases or the molds and I'm waiting to hear back from them. If I come across any more bases I will let you know. Thanks for the feedback and have a great day. "

I asked him to come here and tell us about his job so hopefully he takes me up on the offer.

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