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Hey, great place here and I think this is just the place to find people that can help me out. About 5-6 years ago I saw a Lunar with clear water and white wax on Ebay and I absolutely fell in love with it. If I remember rightly the price went past £600 and being new to Mathmos and Ebay I thought I'd wait and a new one would turn up in a few days and I'll get it for a bit cheaper. Well 6 years later and I'm still waiting for another Lunar with white wax and clear water to turn up. The biggest mistake ever was not getting that Lunar when it was up for sale.

Now I'm just looking for any place that I can get a Mathmos Lunar (Colour doesn't matter) from in the UK. I always check Ebay but they come up so rarely. What is a good price to buy a Lunar?

Any help that can be given will be really appreciated.

Thank you

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you might have to settle for a collosus www.theglowcompany.co.uk/acatalog/COLOSSAL-LAVA-LAMP.html
The price does vary and they have been known to go for as little as 230 pounds but usually around the 400 - 500 pound mark!

The priciest I ever saw was a clear/black (wax) which went for £600 and more recently, a rare boxed lunar also went for over 600 pounds! So much for the Credit Crunch!

You will find one sooner or later. You can expect to pay more for one that is in mint condition. As for the bottle, thay are still avalable from mathmos.
Thank you for taking the time to reply. I honestly didn't think anyone would reply yet. Every time I see a Lunar on Ebay Uk the prices just seem to be getting higher and higher. I've been tempted to bid many times but I feel in love with the White Wax Lunar. Richard I will definitely check out the German Ebay.

Sonny Burnett you've lunar looks so good. Are you in the UK?
Hi, I am currently looking at selling my beloved Lunar, would rather sell it here than on ebay, My Lunar has the original red/violet bottle and I have an amber glitter bottle also included in the sale. Both bottles are in mint condition. The base power cord and dimmer are in mint condition. The Nose cone has a couple of very small dents and a small graze on the back.
If your interested let me know your email and i will send pics.
I live in London.

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