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  • Giant Lava

    Giant Lava

    Blue/white Giant from 1999. Flow is superb! Alex May 14, 2019 61 views

  • Vintage Lava

    Vintage Lava

    A collection of lamps from the 1960s and 70s. Alex May 14, 2019 28 views

  • Three USA 32oz Lava Lamps

    Three USA 32oz Lava Lamps

    A cranberry/clear Midnight, 50th anniversary lamp, and a red/clear Silver Streak. Three great lamps! Alex Apr 24, 2016 54 views

  • Lava Lite Designer Lamp

    Lava Lite Designer Lamp

    Purchased in 2011 and has sticking wax around the bottom of the globe. Been sold already. Alex Apr 24, 2016 34 views

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